Pakistani Super model Mehwish Hayat suit Collection

Pakistani Super model Mehwish Hayat suit Collection (1) Mehwish hayat is not now a unknown name of Pakistan industry Mehwish hayat  has been printed in: She, Libas, Visage, Women’s Own, Fashion Collection, Newsline. Then there have been catwalk experiences. No surprise then that she can afford to choose in terms of money and commitment. Designers are now ready to pay more to models who work with greater professionalism. “Its nice to be recognised” as she says.

“It would be hard for me to evacuate myself and move to another place because my family is here, my friends are here, my work is here, my identity is here. Whatever and whoever I am, the recognition is all because of Pakistan. Abroad I would just be another statistic.” Mehwish hayat  identity is glowing and growing on the pakistan fashion scene, because she has been the opening model in so many shows.

Mehish is working now with top brands of Pakistan.She made her name in fashion Icon of Pakistan industry of fashon.her chicky lips more atractve people.mehwish also work in drama,s and now she done a item song in Pakistani film .mehwish looks different in this item in movie Na maloom afraad .some great pics of mehwish are below lets have a look

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