Pakistani And Indian Traditional mehndi style,s

Pakistani And Indian Traditional mehndi style,s (6) Hello visitors of our site  you Finding for some of the gorgeous looking Mehndi designs style  pictures how you can find we solve your desire of new mehndi designs …

There is no Girl lady and woman who is not conscious from the art of henna and Mehndi The word henna has been derived from the Arabic language and mehndi from Pakistani and Indian language. In the Muslim countries henna is even used as the name by most of the


Dear visitors you know Arabian henna designs is in advance the heights of fame and attention for all style and cultures even Pakistan and Indian style  . It is famous all over the world and women simply love applying it on The Body parts hands Arms foot and legs.

We helped you to select or choose for the simple and party type mehndi designs in our gellry having simple and heavy designs for every type of women’s and girls.Mehndi and hinna is very important for bridal in Pakistan and Indian culture lets check it out the some designs …..

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