Makeup Perfect Eyeliner Ideas

Makeup Perfect Eyeliner Ideas

Makeup Perfect Eyeliner Ideas

Makeup Perfect Eyeliner Ideas |The makeup of the eyes is not an invention of modern times. Especially on reliefs and paintings of ancient Egypt can be seen again and again men and women with black-rimmed eyes. Surely this makeup was also intended to highlight one of the most beautiful places on the body, but there was also a practical reason. The high solar radiation, the delicate skin has been worked hard around the eye area. The applied paint worked here as a sunscreen, protecting the eyes and eyelids.

Shaky hands should not have when applying the Lidstriches. Also, it requires a bit of practice until you get pulled him perfectly. So patience and practice are announced. However, there are some very useful tricks how to riff the curved bow perfectly. Frequently asked questions are answered below:

What options are there to draw a eyeliner?

As you drag the Lidstriches has to choose between kohl and eyeliner. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With a liquid eyeliner, the lines are fine and elegant. They are due to their liquid consistency, especially for beginners. Small flaws can be improved easily. Kajal is creamy and produces a wider line. If you have shaky hands, you should try with a eyeliner first. Opens the line, you can switch to Kajal. The clear advantage of an eyeliner pencil is that it can be used due to its consistency is good for the makeup of smokey eyes, since getting his lines blur without problems. Before you use one or the other, you should test in any case on the back consistency. So you get an idea of ​​how they look like on the eyelid and a feeling for the perfect strokes.

Why not keep the eyeliner?

This is related primarily to how to prepare the upper eyelid. This should be completely free of grease. For this purpose it is best to a damp cosmetic tissue. One should however not rub too much due to the delicate skin. Applying makeup should make sure that an eyeliner is always applied after the eyeshadow. Previously, the eyelid should be blotted with a bushy, soft brush, so excess and loose paint is removed. For a kohl you can decide whether to use it before or after Lidpuder. Here plays the result to be achieved – smokey eyes, blinded colors – an important role. But plays an important role also in that applying a suitable primer, a makeup or eye shadow base. Then stick all of the following components such as eye shadow without any problem.

Which eyeliner suits which eye shape?

The eye shape can be influenced consciously with the bottom line on the upper eyelid. Very round eyes become narrower when the bar on the outer and inner Lidende is pulled. Almond-shaped eyes is best to use a makeup line that is curved and thicker toward the end. With close-set eyes, the bar is set a few millimeters next to the inner corner of the eye, in about the beginning of the second period. Are they far apart, you catch a few millimeters in front of the inner corner of eye makeup and there the line a little thicker. Again, that you simply try the various techniques and then decide which is the right momentum. In any case, you should make sure that there is no gap between the bar and the lash line. That would leave the lashes appear thinner and uneven.

With a few tricks to perfectly curved arc …

Although practice makes perfect, but with a few simple tricks to obtain in a very short time a perfectly curved arc.

1. Never raise the bar in one operation. It would be better first to draw a line from the outer corner to the middle, and then to complete the internal angles toward the center is. If you want to install a so-called dovetail, that would be the third step.

2. If that drawing the line presents great problems, many small lines can put together. For the perfect swing and the lines above can be marked with small dots at the lash line. The cat’s eye effect is obtained by first painting the external border and in connection simply fills with color.

3. As you drag, the line should be drawn the upper lid taut under any circumstances. Because this would be a very inaccurate stroke in the end, as this skin has relaxed on a different appearance. If you vermalt you, you can improve this small mistake with a little liquid concealer, makeup or a nude colored eyeliner.

4. In order to intensify a kohl in color, you simply hold the tip a few seconds over a flame. This consistency is gelatinous and liquid. Kohl pencils are great to generate color effects. But the line is blinded just after makeup. Liquid Liner requires a fine, narrow tip, the tip should be at Kajal sloping slightly wider and gel liners. Felt hose used it to make the lashes appear thicker especially.

5. The eyeliner can also be super apply with color pigments and water. For just scrape a little bit of eye shadow powder and mix with a drop of water. When range is suitable the back of the hand. Then apply a thin brush. If one has not even the right materials at hand, also helps a little mascara. Here also simply take some color with a thin brush and paint on the lid. , Easily removed with very liquid consistencies, such as those have gel liner with a paper towel excess paint before applying.

6. The classic eyeliner is indeed black and is suitable for all eye colors, but more often one sees a different color variants that are even bi-colored part. The color choice should be matched to the own eye color. Green or blue eyes get a special shine through bronze or gold shades. Tone on tone should better avoid. Brown-eyed against women will be spoiled for choice as to fit them all hues.

7. Applying makeup not close the eye, but slightly tilt your head backwards. Thus, the eye closes in a completely natural way and does not tremble so much. If you have the opportunity to sit down during the application, you can easily support the elbow and gets additional stability. The little finger is supported on the cheekbones.

Makeup Perfect Eyeliner Ideas





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