Latest Frocks designs in Pakistan 2015

Latest Frocks designs in Pakistan 2015 :Beautiful and stylish frocks which gives a real different and stylish look are currently introduced in Pakistan. Many types of frocks have been designed for women for parties and other memorable events. Designers have evolved this dress style in truly innovative styles and trends and somehow having same bases.


Latest frocks collections launched in Pakistan by designers consist of huge variety and styles of frocks. Considering the upcoming season they have launched their collections of frocks for women. Latest Fashion Trends Frocks Designs 2015 in Pakistan includes different styles which we like to describe one by one because of vastness of style and types of these frocks.



Anarkali frocks

Anarkali frock is a beautiful style of frock which is made of long triangular shaped stripes. Kali frock have these stripes joined together to form a highly flared. Designers have evolved this type of frock stitching in a real modern way and styles. They have used varied cuts and high ends in this modern frock assortment for women.


Different color mixtures have been used to design these dresses. Kali have been designed in different styles to make it look more eyes catching and attractive. Gorgeous embroidery has been done on kali and flares of the frock with contrasting or matching colors. Necklines or waist lines of some frocks are also embroidered with stylish innovative work. Accompanied by Anarkali frocks. Latest Eid Dress 2015.


Pishwas frocks

Pishwas is a frock which is long in length than a standard frock. It ends at the ankles. Only small area of tight pajama or churidar pajama is visible near ankle. Pishwas are mostly simple in design but look highly attractive if contains embroidery or lace work on it. In the new collections designs have made Pishwas frocks in highly innovative way that gives a seamless girlish look to the overall personality of women.


These dresses have been designed in a way which consists of embroidery work on necklines. Different fabrics used to design these clothes includes chiffon, net, silk, crinkle, and other which gives an attractive look to the fall of flares. Women can wear these frocks with the Churidar pajamas or the tight, whatever they want. Shalwar do not look good with this dress. Palazzo pants are also used by many women with these this frock dress which also looks awesome and gives an elegant and gorgeous look to the personality.

Latest Frocks designs in Pakistan 2015

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