fawad and sonam,s first movie responce

Pakistan’s new star and new emerging star of drama and film and also now in top list model of pakistan , Fawad Khan appeared in his Bollywood first film “Khoobsurat” With Sonam Kapoor is being released All over the world and is this is important thing in Pakistan  people  liked this film in the history of Pakistani cinema.

fawad and sonam,s first movie responce (3) fawad and sonam,s first movie responce (2)
Many Pakistani actors want and feel well Indian industry becoz india have good atmosphere for stars and Indian industry is day by day However,That,s why Fawad choose the Right side.Fawad is very talented actor .Film director impressed then he offerd for  Fawad Khan “Khoobsurat was the First chance introduced him self to Indian debut.He  is a fully family entertainer, fawad and sonam,s first movie responce (4)

fawad and sonam,s first movie responce (5) Khoobsorat is the remake of the 1980s film of the same name, now produced by  Anil Kapoor Film Company in with the support  of Walt Disney ,, Disney is big name of holly wood and this is the first Indian movie whom made byDisney film, bringing the film to an international platform. The story of film very simple and tale and culuturel in film comedy culture every thing is fine , rich in culture and a humorous story is being nervously for see this movie by both the Indian and Pakistani audiences.After realsing film received good feed back from All over the World Speciely sonam and Fawad heavin good result And people like.its 2 days business near about 7 crore rupess…

After releasing of film Fawad Khan tells  his experience working in India as warm and friendly and expressed his feelings regarding working with the popular, feminine and chic Indian celebrity actress Sonam Kapoor, “It was an very good experience  working with the team. Sonam has been extremely sweet and cooperative and both Sonam and Rhea Kapoor welcome me very warmely. We worked jst like a family.

This film having good music we suggest to watch this movie bcoz this film is fully family movie


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