Bollywood Horror Movie Alone 2015 Official Hd Trailer

Latest Bollywood Horror Movie Alone 2015 Official Hd Trailer (2)

Latest Bollywood Horror Movie Alone 2015 Official Hd Trailer (2)

  Bollywood Horror Movie Alone 2015 Official Hd Trailer

We had as of late reported about Bipasha’s film Alone (experimental title), which is being delivered by Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak and Pradeep Aggarwal, and steered by Bhushan Patel.

The most recent redesign on this film is that Bipasha will now be seen assuming the part of twins who are conjoined during childbirth. The film is about how one (of the twins) turns into an underhandedness soul, while the other one is sweet and defensive of the other. Bipasha says that Alone is an exceptionally difficult film, in light of the fact that its a passionate excursion wherein the characters are layered and complex. She included that she is additionally considering on the subject and viewing documentaries on conjoined twins.

Famous TV performer Karan Singh Grover, who makes his Bollywood debut with this film, will be seen playing Bipasha’s adoration enthusiasm for this film.

Latest Bollywood Horror Movie Alone 2015 Official Hd Trailer (3)

Latest Bollywood Horror Movie Alone 2015 Official Hd Trailer (3)

Some Detail About movies story .

Sanjana: Bipasha Basu

Sanjana is an over-possessive wife, wedded for a long time. She cherishes her spouse Kabir more than her own life and does not need anything or anybody to come in the middle of them, which prompt consistent battles in the middle of her and Kabir. Sanjana is exceptionally undercover and shut as an individual and does not impart her issues or issues effortlessly. Her greatest trepidation is to lose her friends and family and henceforth some place accuses herself for Anjana’s passing. The blame of her sister’s demise still frequents her and draws her into a winding of terribleness.
Kabir: Karan Singh Grover

Kabir is a defensive capable spouse. He cherishes Sanjana profoundly yet is disturbed by her impedance and possessive nature. He additionally gives his employment colossal need and abhorrences trading off on it. Kabir tries hard to greatly improve the situation when she is blame stricken about her sister’s demise. He will inevitably be the person who will remained by her through this frequenting story.


When her mom meets with a mischance, Sanjana is compelled to come back to Kerala from Mumbai alongside her spouse Kabir.

Sanjana, is the survivor between the conjoined twins, and when she gets back after years she is tossed face first into her old life which is both excruciating and frequenting.

Sanjana’s come back to Kerala not simply brings back inaccessible memories, however it appears to be as though it likewise brought back her sister Anjana’s soul.

Sanjana is the special case, who feels Anjana’s (Bipasha) vicinity and sees her face in mirrors and reflections.

Sanjana (Bipasha) offers her predicament with Kabir (Karan Singh) however he accepts that it is simply adore for her sister and the blame of losing Anjana that is prompting these fantasies.

Be that as it may soon these fancies develop into spine shivering occurrences bringing Sanjana at the edge of a breakdown. Kabir takes assistance from his therapist companion Namit just to understand that it is somewhat past science. Is the presence of Anjana’s soul genuine or it is simply an illusion of Sanjana’s intense blame stacked creative ability.

Gradually these fantasies offer path to a stunning disclosure of a horrific mystery conjoined with trepidation, destiny and a most energetic bent adoration.

Bollywood Horror -sex movie Alone 2015 Cast & Crew:



Panorama Studios


Release Date Type

16 Jan 2015 Horror


Producer Star Cast

Kumar Mangat Pathak Karan Singh Grover…. Kabir

Abhishek Pathak Bipasha Basu…. Anjana / Sanjana

Pradeep Agarwal Zakir Hussain

Prashant Sharma






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